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I have a history of bad scars, am I still a candidate for rhinoplasty?

Dr Yagoda in New York City provides nose job surgeriesASK DR. YAGODA

Question: I’m a 35-year-old Black female with a history of bad scars. Will I still be a candidate for rhinoplasty or nose job surgery?

Answer: Yes. The good news is that the face usually heals better than any other location! In addition, many cosmetic rhinoplasty procedures can be performed by a plastic surgeon with no external scar at all.  Lastly, many new techniques can be used to reduce the likelihood of scar formation after surgery.  Bottom line?  You should be fine!

For more information about a rhinoplasty, nose job, scarless rhinoplasty procedures for natural results, or open vs closed rhinoplasty procedures, contact Dr. Yagoda at her New York City office at 212-434-1210.

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