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New York Singing Teachers’ Association celebrates World Voice Day!

Today the New York Singing Teachers’ Association celebrates World 9Voice Day!

To raise awareness about vocal health issues, Dr. Yagoda is offering complementary voice screenings to all NYSTA members and their students.

Ask Dr. Yagoda about her tips for improving vocal health.

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Young Women: Vocal Trendsetters

Young Women: Vocal Trendsettershe New York Times pointed out in a recent article that young women often get teased due to their vocal affectations–but actually, they may be using these techniques (such as vocal fry and “uptalk”) in more sophisticated ways than we think.

As the article quotes, “The truth is this: Young women take linguistic features and use them as power tools for building relationships.”

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Madonna ‘brassy’ at Super Bowl

Madonna 'brassy' at Super BowlWhat did you think of Madonna’s performance at last night’s Super Bowl? Did you think her voice was up to par or was she lip-syncing? The aging voice can be tricky, but voice specialist Dr. Michelle Yagoda can give you expert advice on how to care for an older voice so that you have excellent vocal health just like Madonna! Check out reviews of her stellar performance.

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