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Ask the Doctor: Where should vocal cord surgery be done?

Swollen Glands and lymph nodes - vocal cord surgery in NYCAnswer: Vocal cord surgery should be done one place and one place only: in a hospital! There are a few reasons for this, and they are all very important.

When you undergo a procedure on your vocal cords at the hospital, you will be under general anesthesia. This is true for any vocal cord surgery/procedure, including biopsies, laser surgery and the removal of nodules and polyps. All of these conditions cause voice problems of varying degrees, and Dr Yagoda will let you know when surgery is necessary.

During general anesthesia for voice box surgery, a breathing tube will be inserted in your throat. This breathing tube is very, very important: Not only does it help you breathe, but it protects your airway!  Otherwise, when the vocal cords are “touched,” they will spontaneously close. This happens because the body assumes that if something touches the vocal cords, it is likely to be heading downward to your lungs.  Vocal cord closure is the body’s automatic mechanism to protect your lungs.  A breathing tube must be in place to keep the airway open so that oxygen can reach your heart and brain. 

In addition, vocal cord surgery should be done in the hospital for another reason.  Hospitals have the necessary equipment for vocal cord microsurgery.  This includes a surgical microscope that will magnify the vocal cords 400x.  In addition, lasers can assist the surgeon is performing precise and bloodless procedures.  

Now, true or false: Must vocal endoscopies be done in the hospital as well?

False! Vocal endoscopies can be done very safely and routinely in a voice specialist’s office. Endoscopies are simple procedures that do not require any manipulation or instrumentation of the vocal cords. In a matter of minutes — and while you are seated and awake — your vocal cords can be visualized. This allows the doctor to diagnose the vocal disorder.  But, remember, any procedure requiring a biopsy, laser or excision must be done in the operating room under general anesthesia.

Celebrity Update: Pop Star Ariana Grande gets silenced!

She’s been called the next Mariah Carey or the next Whitney Houston because of her eight octave vocal range.  If you haven’t heard Ariana Grande’s amazing voice then you will have to wait because the hot new pop star has just been silenced.  That’s right!  After a loud, late night party, Ariana awoke with hoarseness.  A visit to the voice doctor showed a vocal hemorrhage. What exactly is a vocal hemorrhage?  How did she get it?  How is it treated?  And, most importantly, will we be able to hear her sing again?

Vocal hemorrhages occur from vocal cord trauma. A forceful impact can cause blood vessels within the layers of the vocal cords to bleed and cause a bruise similar to the type that happens under your nail when you slam your finger in the door. Hemorrhages can occur during prolonged voice use; yelling, screaming and forced voice use; or, even during routine use when there is inflammation or infection associated with laryngitis. Ariana tweeted “For those of u asking about my voice I screamed too much at my party totally irresponsible…”

Vocal cord hemorrhages, like Ariana’s and Adele’s and are not uncommon. In an interview on Inside Edition, Dr. Yagoda said, “Just like athletes, singers are at risk of injury from high levels of performance and even overexertion.” Generally not painful, vocal hemorrhages are typically associated with painless hoarseness of the speaking and/or singing voice. A visit to an otolaryngologist (ears, nose and throat doctor) specializing in care of the professional voice is in order. Proper diagnosis is made by endoscopy (a special lighted and magnified examination of the vocal cords during phonation). The use of steroids (often given for other causes of hoarseness) must be avoided as they can both cause the bleeding to increase, and they can mask other symptoms. Treatment of a vocal cord hemorrhage entails complete voice rest for up to two weeks, with interval endoscopic exams used to monitor the hemorrhage until it is gone.

By following the doctor’s prescription for complete voice rest, Ariana will likely have a long, monumental career. Failure to heed that advice can result in a premature and devastating end of her budding career.

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow!

Had enough bad weather? Want to finally hear that “the sun will come out…tomorrow”?

Hear it first-hand from our friend, Lilla Crawford, as she stars in the Broadway revival of Annie. Ben Brantley of the New York Times called Ms. Crawford “pretty close to perfect in this title role.” If you or someone you know is a professional voice user, count on Dr. Yagoda to keep your voice healthy and strong!

Opera singer Charity Tillemann-Dick able to sing again!

Able to sing again after double lung transplantAfter receiving her second double lung transplant and worrying her voice would never be the same, opera singer Charity Tillemann-Dick is able to sing again! Charity delivered an outstanding performance with her new set of lungs at the Indianapolis opera house. Check out this incredible story on this CBS News video.

Wikihow: How to Sing

Are you an aspiring singer9? Being in New York City only minutes from Broadway and 42 street can bring out the best singer in all of us. If it is your dream to be the next Adele, Tori Amos, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Chita Rivera, or even Ethel Merman you should see a vocal specialist. Voice care is just as important as healthcare.

Dr. Yagoda can ensure proper vocal function for that perfect sound, every time.

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After 35 Years, She Can Speak Again!

A Kentucky woman is able to speak again after doctors operated on 9her larynx- it had been 35 years.

Embrace your voice, understand that you are unique and that your voice is your instrument- use it loudly and clearly. Above all, take care of it to the best of your ability. We only have one voice…

To ensure proper functionality, call Dr. Yagoda. She specializes in voice care and can keep you sounding beautiful.

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New York Singing Teachers’ Association celebrates World Voice Day!

Today the New York Singing Teachers’ Association celebrates World 9Voice Day!

To raise awareness about vocal health issues, Dr. Yagoda is offering complementary voice screenings to all NYSTA members and their students.

Ask Dr. Yagoda about her tips for improving vocal health.

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Testimonial from Badiene Magaziner, The Julliard School

As a voice teacher, it is crucial that I refer my students to a top-notch 8doctor.  Dr. Yagoda is a remarkable diagnostician, exceptional in her accuracy and on target with her treatment plans for my students. As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Yagoda has helped numerous friends with corrective issues, as well as helping with innovative anti-aging treatments. Her office is modern and elegant, and reflects Dr. Yagoda’s personal style and warmth as a compassionate healer!

Badiene Magaziner, www.voice-teacher.net/, The Juilliard School

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