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Wake up your eyes!

Do people tell you that you look tired, even after you’ve had 10 hours of sleep?  Recent articles on the Internet offer at home remedies that you can use to refresh your eyes4.  If these aren’t enough, consider medical grade treatments, lasers, fillers and botox…or even an eyelid lift.

An eye lift can remove hanging upper eyelid skin and under eye bags so that you can look the way you feel!. Call for a consultation, 212-434-1210.

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5 Important Tips for Better Eye Health in a Digital World

Youthful, beautiful eyes are the single most noticeable cosmetic Extreme close up of woman's eyefeature. But when selecting a rejuvenating procedure, focus on function as well as appearance.

While looking at digital devices, remember the “20-20-20 Rule”: every 20 min, stare at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds to ensure good eye health.

Your eyes will thank you.

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