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How to Look Your Best This Allergy Season

Well, it’s that time of year again. Allergy season is coming and as the pollen is building up, many of you may be beginning to experience the familiar and unwanted itchy eyes, sneezing, and stuffy nose.  And unfortunately, performing at 100% may be difficult when you don’t feel your best. The good news is you can still look your best even when allergies may be getting the best of you.

Jennifer Lawrence looked stunning at the SAG Awards when she accepted her award for Best Female Actress. You would never know that she was battling allergy symptoms. Here are some beauty tricks to mask the toll that allergies take on your eyes and nose.

Can breathing exercises reduce symptoms of asthma?


Medical Miracle! According to a report by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, certain breathing exercises seem to reduce asthma severity, but there was not enough evidence to draw any significant conclusions. Researchers examined the Buteyko method, which involves shallow and slow breathing through the nose when short of breath. They also studied yoga breathing exercises and inspiratory muscle-training, which helps to strengthen the muscles by making inhaling more difficult. They found the exercise that reduces hyperventilation seems to result in improvements in asthma symptoms and reductions in medication use among patients.

Learn about how facial plastic surgeons can help asthma sufferers whose nasal conditions are caused by nasal polyps.

Nuts could be the problem…

If you think you may have strep throat, recurrent acute bacterial tonsillitis, or even acid reflux, ask yourself this: do you eat a lot of nuts?

If so, you could actually have fever blisters, which are caused by a type of virus. Nuts contain high levels of arginine, and if you eat too many of them, the levels of arginine in your body can surpass the lysine levels. And when these amino acids are out of balance, it can make you more susceptible to viral infections.

If this is the case, you should try to cut out nuts from your diet and see if it improves your condition.

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