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Does a Boy Toy make you look old?

4When you see a rich old man with a young beautiful wife, she’s his arm candy. But when a beautiful celebrity is seeing a younger man, she should be careful: he might make her look like an old bag!

Jennifer Lopez’s young boy toy Casper might make her feel younger, but do you think he makes her look older in comparison?

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Anti-Aging Tips

Here are 10 anti-aging tips for women after age 25. 6

If you’re interested in reducing wrinkles, ask me about Botox, Dysport, and filler specials. They work wonders!

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Sunscreen, Shade, and Skin

Sun protection is one of the most important parts of anti-aging 10skincare. Every morning before work you should apply sunscreen to your face, neck, décolletage, and any other exposed body part.

And make sure to protect your children from sun damage too!

Long sleeves and pants and a wide brimmed hat are perfect for soft and susceptible baby skin.

For sunblock, Dr. Yagoda recommends EltaMD, a physical sunblock containing zinc, which is the only ingredient that’s safe for infants under 6 months old.

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Allure named LaVIV™ a “Best of Beauty” Breakthrough 2011

Allure Magazine has named LaVIV™ one of 2011s “Best of Beauty” Breakthroughs. Allure named LaVIV™ a

It is an all natural injectable filler that uses absolutely no synthetic materials- it simply amps up your own collagen producing cells to get you the natural results you desire.  LaVIV™ removes lines and wrinkles and restores volume to your face.

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Rhinoplasty or “nose job” surgery makes you look younger

perfect faceMany people say a rhinoplasty procedure or nose job surgery will make you look younger and it’s true!

In a recent survey, some people thought the patient in the after photos looked one and a half years younger than they actually were.

The aging nose is interesting and it says a lot about the rest of your face.

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Get a Nose Job, Look Younger

This article from EmaxHealth reports that a rhinoplasty or nose job AA035558surgery makes you look younger. The nose continues to change shape as we age, and the nasal tip weakens. With a rhinoplasty procedure, strength to the tip is restored along with your youthful appearance.

Just another reason why this plastic surgery procedure may be right for you….

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