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Opposites Attract

Opposites AttractIt’s a known fact that opposites attract. If you are strongly affectionate and your partner is not, there is still hope for your relationship.

Dr. Yagoda understand the impact of healthy relationships on emotional and physical health.

Healthy relationships, healthy lifestyles, and stress management are all linked to beauty and wellness.

Feeling healthy and well on the inside will help you project your beauty to the world.

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The importance of going to a licensed MD

In Vancouver, recent reports show that people are still receivingThe importance of going to a licensed MD Botox injections from individuals without medical licenses!

Don’t let this happen to you. Make sure you know your doctor’s credentials and that he/she is expert in the procedure.

Dr. Yagoda is trained in both Facial Plastic Surgery and Otolaryngology, and offers safe and effective Botox® treatments, as well as Dysport® and Xeomin®.

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Cures for Snoring

Cures for SnoringSometimes there is an easy fix to cure snoring, other times there is not.

If after you try home remedies for snoring and you are not better, call my office at 212. 434. 1210 to arrange for an evaluation and treatment plan.

Don’t you deserve to feel well-rested and refreshed?

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Winter Skincare Tips

Winter Skincare TipsThis winter, keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

Protect your neck skin with a scarf and hands with gloves when you’re facing the cold, dry air. Limit hot showers to 5 minutes so as not dehydrate your skin and use a mild, non-irritating, gentle soap. Always pat yourself dry and apply a thick, creamy moisturizer with plenty of hyaluronic acid. Humidifiers also help keep your skin hydrated at home, especially when the heat dries out the air.

Take these small precautions and your skin will be beautiful and radiant all winter.For more tips and tricks visit: www.facebook.com/dryagoda

Beauty is Back at MAC

MAC makeup will be launching new colors and products soon, like Beauty is BackMetal-X cream shadows and Extra Dimension powdered shadows. Many women are fans of the extended wear MAC provides.

However, always make sure make-up is noncomedogenic so it doesn’t clog pores, leading to unwanted pimples and unsightly blackheads.

Keep skin healthy and safe by remembering to completely remove makeup before bed so that skin is glowing in the morning.

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Gel Manicures: Too Good to Be True?

Gel manicures are all the rage–but are they really safe? For those who are looking for a manicure that lasts 2-3 weeks, gel manicures have become an increasingly popular choice. These manicures differ from traditional manicures in their formulation and drying process, which involves letting each coat of polish set and harden for 30 seconds under a UV light.

Sounds great. But is it safe? Not surprisingly, if it seems too good to p6be true–it may well be. There are some safety concerns associated with these seemingly miraculous manicures. Firstly, some salons are not using “real” gel manicures, instead mixing acrylic products with powders like methyl methacrylate, a chemical that was banned as a carcinogen by the FDA!

Secondly, although there is no clinical data that directly links the use of UV lamps for nail drying to skin cancer of the hands, if you are a person who is at-risk for skin cancer, it might be wise to avoid gel manicures because of these lamps. The gel manicure treatment involves exposing your hands directly to UB light, much the way tanning beds expose your whole body to the same light. Lifetime exposure to UV rays does indeed increase the risk for developing skin cancers, and the best way to limit your risk is to limit your exposure.

Is getting a manicure that lasts a week or two extra really worth the cost (nearly double that of a regular manicure) and exposing yourself to potentially dangerous chemicals and UV rays? Think twice before gelling!

Singer’s Take Note!

Singers Take NoteHolidays tend to be a time of overindulgence. Rich foods and “one-too-many” cocktails can cause acid reflux, and lead to vocal problems.  When acid rises up from the stomach, it can land in the voice box, often directly onto the vocal cords themselves.

This can cause swelling of the vocal cords, making it difficult for the cords to close properly, which leads to associated problems such as breathiness, raspiness, or hoarseness.

Here’s what you need to know:https://www.dryagoda.com/ent-medicine/ent-throat/acid-reflux/.

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