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Flammable Sunscreen?

5With days getting longer and warmer, imany people have started planning for July 4th.

Here’s something to note:  it’s not just fireworks that can be flammable.  Be careful when applying spray sunscreens as they contain alcohol so they can become flammable.

A recent article told the story of what happened to a man who applied spray sunscreen near an open flame barbeque. Be aware, it’s not safe!

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Wikihow: How to Sing

Are you an aspiring singer9? Being in New York City only minutes from Broadway and 42 street can bring out the best singer in all of us. If it is your dream to be the next Adele, Tori Amos, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Chita Rivera, or even Ethel Merman you should see a vocal specialist. Voice care is just as important as healthcare.

Dr. Yagoda can ensure proper vocal function for that perfect sound, every time.

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Facts: Rosacea

What is rosacea and how can you prevent and treat it? Sixteen Facts: Rosaceamillion Americans suffer from rosacea, a chronic skin condition that includes visible blood vessels, redness, flushing and rash.

Dr. Yagoda’s favorite products for rosacea include Donnell Rosacea Therapy (non-steroidal hydrating treatment), and EltaMD’s UV Clear sunblock with SPF 46 and niacinamide.

Be sure to stay out of the sun, use a strong sun protection, and find out what may be causing your rosacea. Dr. Yagoda can help! Call 212.434.1210 for more information.

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Doctor prescribed: 20 minutes of exercise a day

Gretchen Reynolds, health and fitness writer for the New York 3Times, discusses the many health benefits of moving around for just 20 minutes per day.

She says, “the science shows that if you just do anything, even stand in place 20 minutes, you will be healthier” than if you sit for many hours on end.

Read more about her findings and her new book, called “The First 20 Minutes.”

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Stress can also affect you physically

We’ve all heard the claim that constant stress can affect your 2physical well-being in addition to your mental health.

A recent New York Times article discussed the science behind how elevated levels of cortisol (aka “the stress hormone”) lead to the body developing a resistance, which can then make you more susceptible to illness.

This is why Dr. Yagoda believes it is important to educate her patients on lifestyle changes, including stress management, for whole-body wellness.

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Treat Sleep Apnea without a Mask

Are you one of the estimated 28 million Americans suffering from 7sleep apnea?

Have you tried using a C.P.A.P. machine, but found it unwieldy, uncomfortable, or simply unhelpful? Well, there’s a new treatment in sight!

Search online for information about the “Provent” system for treating sleep apnea, then ask Dr. Yagoda if it’s right for you.

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Nuts could be the problem…

If you think you may have strep throat, recurrent acute bacterial tonsillitis, or even acid reflux, ask yourself this: do you eat a lot of nuts?

If so, you could actually have fever blisters, which are caused by a type of virus. Nuts contain high levels of arginine, and if you eat too many of them, the levels of arginine in your body can surpass the lysine levels. And when these amino acids are out of balance, it can make you more susceptible to viral infections.

If this is the case, you should try to cut out nuts from your diet and see if it improves your condition.

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Reasons to Quit Smoking

6Jennifer Anniston was called a chain smoker in US Weekly, chain smoking is a form of addiction

Not only is smoking horrible for your lungs, but it affects your overall health including the appearance of your skin (many people gossip about the appearance of Jen’s hands).

Although smoking has been trendy throughout the ages, it is the first behavioral change you should make to improve your overall health. Read more.

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