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Being Alert to Sleep Apnea

Being Alert to Sleep ApneaIt is important to know what sleep apnea is and to find help to remedy it.

Here is a list of ways to help self diagnose sleeping apnea, but you should always seek out a health professional before coming to any conclusions.

Read more here: Being Alert to Sleep Apnea.

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Fight Back!

p1Combat wrinkles with regular exercise and a well balanced diet that includes foods rich in antioxidants.

Eat leafy, green veggies, lean proteins including beans and lentils, omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon and flax seed, brightly colored berries, dark chocolate (yes! even chocolate has antioxidants), and green tea.

Also, don’t forget to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated!

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Elderly ‘Experts’ Share Life Advice in Cornell Project

Elderly ‘Experts’ Share Life Advice in Cornell ProjectAging can be a beautiful thing. Integrate health and beauty and you’re set.

Be sure to manage your stress levels (it’s a silent killer), contribute to healthy relationships while avoiding relationships that make you unhappy, eat well, take vitamins, and stop smoking (it’s known to cause wrinkles!).

Above all else, listen to elderly advise. Their knowledge can be invaluable according to a recent article entitled “Advice From Life’s Graying Edge on Finishing With No Regrets”.

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Snoring: The (not-so) Silent Killer

Snoring: The (not-so) Silent KillerIf knowledge is power, then reputable sources have the ultimate power! Next time you are reading to educate yourself for self-treatment, consider the source. Marketing materials, advertisements, and random on-line forums often provide partial information or even misinformation. Beware of the dangers that lurk! While a head strap to stop snoring might prevent oral breathing, it may also lead to an irregular heart rhythm (and possibly even death during sleep) if the oxygen inflow is restricted due to nasal obstruction. Read more about Snoring and Sleep Apnea.

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