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Too young or too old for rhinoplasty (nose job)?


Dr. Michell Yagoda performs nose jobs in New York CityQuestion: At what age is too young or too old to get a rhinoplasty or nose job surgery? I’m 55 but I’m also asking for my daughter who still attends high school in New York City.

Answer: It is important that any teen considering rhinoplasty surgery has already completely gone through puberty.  This is because the nose doesn’t reach its full adult size until after puberty.  Plastic surgery prior to that stage will likely arrest the development of the nose and result in a nose that it too short or too small to be in harmony with the rest of the face.  In addition, it may result in incomplete development of sinus drainage and airflow pathways, causing functional impairment.  For adults, there is not a strict age limit, but unless they have had a recent nasal trauma that has changed the position and/or shape of the nose, I urge them to be wary of rhinoplasty! Most people are subconsciously attached to their nose and it is a defining part of their self image.  For this reason, I usually counsel people over 28 years of age against this plastic surgery procedure unless they had a recent trauma with a change in the shape and/or position of the nose; or if they always wanted a rhinoplasty but couldn’t afford it until now!  In NYC, most of the rhinoplasties I perform are on men and women between the ages of 17 and 26; men aged 38-52 who have been injured in a sports-related injury; and women of all ages who have had a traumatic fall or taxi accident.

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