4 Minutes is ALL it takes!

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Do you wake up in the morning thinking you just don’t have the time for the gym before you go to work? Do you tend to pass on your evening workout to have dinner or drinks with friends? If an hour at the gym seems impossible, then good news is here! All it takes is 4 minutes of a blood pumping workout at your target heart rate to get more than just “happy” endorphins. The lifestyle that you lead is one of the most important parts of maintaining a healthy body and mind. How you treat your body—the nutrition you give it, the regular maintenance you keep for it, and the care you take with it—will not only be reflected in your external appearance, but will also shape the way you feel inside.

It’s almost impossible to overstate the importance of taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Stress management techniques including sleep and regular, moderate exercise, maintaining healthy relationships, taking care to eat a balanced diet, and quitting smoking are all key parts of Dr. Yagoda’s integrative beauty and overall health philosophy.  Four minutes of intense exercise at your target heart rate will provide the full benefits of an extended workout.  Four minutes!  Then, you can relax, have dinner and drinks… because you’re all done!

Celebrity Update: Amanda Bynes’ Nose Job: BD or BDD?

Amanda Bynes has been tweeting about her nose job, stating that she had it to correct a “birth defect.”  As a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Yagoda is an expert on cosmetic nasal surgery.  She can perform a cosmetic rhinoplasty (nose job) to straighten a crooked nose, remove a bump, raise or lower the bridge, narrow the nostrils, refine the nasal tip, lift a droop, fix a cleft, and create symmetry.  While rhinoplasty can provide many changes, it does not do what Amanda suggested — remove webbing from the eyes!As an otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat expert), Dr. Yagoda can also make functional corrections to the nose.  She can straighten a deviated septum and reduce turbinates to improve airflow, correct sinus disease and relieve sleep apnea to enhance restful sleep. Even a combined functional and cosmetic nasal surgery would not affect your eyes. You would need eye surgery for that.

So, is Amanda Bynes’ rhinoplasty (that really doesn’t correct webbing) for a birth defect or “BD”?  Or, is it likely because of “BDD” body dysmorphic disorder? Given her reckless behavior, we think that body dysmorphic disorder is a real possibility.  BDD is a form of mental illness, when someone obsesses about perceived flaws in appearance that are either non-existent or too small for other people to notice.  BD or BDD?  What do you think?

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Obesity causes Hearing Loss

Myth or Medical Miracle?

True!  It is a real risk. A recent study in Laryngoscope, referenced in The New York Times, showed that there is a clear connection between obesity and hearing loss in adolescents.   What doesn’t obesity cause?  Obesity affects 18.5% of American teens and is responsible for $117 billion in medical care yearly in the US alone.

But with well-known connections between obesity and heart disease, diabetes and premature death, this connection to hearing loss is a new bothersome but less life-threatening concern.  Researchers believe that inflammation in the hearing system is the cause for hearing loss.  This inflammation is associated with obesity.  They suggest that as time goes on, hearing loss may progress. Don’t lose hope though! They also believe that early weight loss can prevent the progression.

Dr. Yagoda, an otolarynologist, can evaluate you if you think you are experiencing hearing loss. She can help musicians and others protect their hearing as well.  Come in for a consultation and fuel your body with knowledge to continue hearing life’s music!