Have you lost that loving feeling?

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According to a recent study, the boost of happiness that occurs with marriage lasts for only for approximately two years, after which people go back their former level of happiness. Many people become “habituated” to positive circumstances and don’t sustain the same level of happiness over an extended period of time. Take time to hone your compassion skills to maintain and champion a rewarding long- term relationship.


Junk Food Linked to Asthma and Eczema in Children

As many of you know, eating processed food can lead to obesity, heart disease and diabetes in adults. But you may be surprised to learn the harmful effects of junk food on children. A recent study revealed that kids who eat junk food three times a week have a higher risk of developing asthma and eczema.

Researchers studied 50 countries and found that teenagers who ate fast food such as burgers three times a week or more were 39 percent more likely to get severe asthma. Younger kids were 27 percent more at risk. It is believed that the high saturated fat levels in food such as burgers lower children’s immune systems.

Want to know what foods can protect against these diseases? Read this article to find out more.

Have you or anyone you know seen Dr. Google?

Are you looking for a good female diagnostician? It turns out many Americans are. But if you also skip your doctor’s visit and simply “google” your symptoms for diagnosis you might want to know this: according to a recent study, 35% of American adults said they went online to diagnose a medical condition for themselves or someone else. But Dr. Google is not a substitute for the real thing. While it’s cheaper than going in-network, the ultimate cost may be higher if you end up with the wrong diagnosis.

As a facial plastic surgeon and otolaryngologist, Dr. Yagoda has a full complement of tools to help her patients achieve their aesthetic and functional goals while implementing lifestyle changes that enable them to enjoy optimal health.

‘Bro-tox’, a growing aesthetic trend

It appears that women aren’t the only ones wanting to turn back the clock. 300,000 men in the U.S. had Botox injections last year alone. This growing grooming trend of Bro-tox is not limited to image-conscious metrosexual types. For many men it’s about job security and maintaining a competitive edge in the workplace. But for more and more men (often urged by a wife or girlfriend) the decision to receive Botox and other cosmetic treatments to enhance their appearance may be a sign of vanity. Or is that ‘Man’-ity? Why do you think ‘bro-tox’ is gaining popularity? Visit our Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you!

Prevent the Flu with these 10 Natural Immune System Boosters

While many people turn to over-the-counter medication to relieve their illnesses, the answer to fighting the flu is not always in your medicine cabinet. Cold and flu prevention can be as simple as making a few lifestyle changes. By practicing healthy habits, you’ll protect yourself and those around you from getting sick. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

As an otolaryngologist, Dr. Yagoda offers her patients comprehensive diagnosis for all ear, nose, and throat conditions and provides a full spectrum of treatment options to ensure optimal health and wellness. Having an integrated approach to ear, nose, throat, voice, and facial medicine as well as beauty and aesthetics – Dr. Yagoda understands the importance of uniting mind-body connections with traditional medicine and surgery for optimal health, beauty and wellness.

Xylitol in sugar free gum prevents cavities

Myth or Medical Miracle?

Myth! Many popular brands of sugar free gum contain the natural sweetener, xylitol, which is known to fight the bacteria that causes cavities. Although there is evidence that sugar-free gum helps prevent cavities, additives such as xylitol are not responsible, according to a recent study. Interestingly, researchers found that the act of chewing gum is what reduces cavities, perhaps by increasing the secretion of saliva. But, don’t grab for the sugar-laden gum-the sugar still causes tooth-decay and no amount of chewing can deny that!

A recentNew York Times article talked about their surprising findings!

What is your face telling you?

Have you ever wondered what is causing that recurring zit on your chin? Or the rash on your cheeks? You may not have to wonder any more! While Chinese medicine practitioners have diagnosed medical problems based on facial symptoms for hundreds of years, Western researchers recently confirmed what Eastern healers have long known:  the condition of our skin reveals a great deal about our physical and emotional health.  In fact, like parts of the foot (think reflexology), segments of the face are also linked to parts of the body.  Each part of the face (cheeks, mouth, chin, forehead and between the eyebrows) can be linked to an corresponding underlying health concern.

What is your face telling you? Here’s how to find out.

Did You Know…Not All Low Paying Jobs Are Low Stress

Is your job stressing you out? If you’re looking for a career change, you may want to consider checking out this list.

After reviewing 200 careers, CareerCast.com>, compiled a list of the most and least stressful jobs based on 11 stress factors (i.e. environmental conditions, physical demands, travel, own life at risk, etc.) Researchers found that people with the least stressful careers were often provided with positive feedback. Under such conditions, these people were generally content. Interestingly, the opposite is true for the most stressful careers. While people with stressful jobs are typically not content, the chances are much higher that they’ll get paid more.

Would you guess a photojournalist made the least stressful or most stressful list? How about a public relations executive? What you read may surprise you.