Can breathing exercises reduce symptoms of asthma?


Medical Miracle! According to a report by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, certain breathing exercises seem to reduce asthma severity, but there was not enough evidence to draw any significant conclusions. Researchers examined the Buteyko method, which involves shallow and slow breathing through the nose when short of breath. They also studied yoga breathing exercises and inspiratory muscle-training, which helps to strengthen the muscles by making inhaling more difficult. They found the exercise that reduces hyperventilation seems to result in improvements in asthma symptoms and reductions in medication use among patients.

Learn about how facial plastic surgeons can help asthma sufferers whose nasal conditions are caused by nasal polyps.

Did You Know … Housework Helps You Live Longer!

You may think that cleaning the house is a tedious task, but recent studies suggest household chores are beneficial to your health. Researchers found that physical activity, even at a low level, can increase life expectancy. So next time you do the dishes, your heart is thanking you even if your family ISN’T.

If you’re wondering exactly how many calories you’re burning, it depends on the intensity of your housework and your weight. According to online calculator, a person who weighs 160 lbs will burn about 211 calories during 60 minutes of housework, whereas a person weighing 200 lbs will burn more than 260 calories.

Breaking Celebrity News – Sexiest Man Alive

Who do you think was voted the sexiest man alive according to People Magazine?

a) Patrick Dempsey
b) Daniel Craig
c) Channing Tatum
d) George Clooney
e) Alex Rodriguez
f) Denzel Washington

Correct answer: Channing Tatum! Do you agree with People’s choice? Do you think there should be more categories? Perhaps, “Sexiest Man Over 30,” or “Sexiest African American Man” would add more variety. here are many men that aren’t young and Caucasian that are handsome. Don’t you agree?

If you skim through the pages of a glossy magazine or look at celebrities, you may think beauty is narrowly defined. In the fashion and beauty world, tall, thin, and young are the traits typically associated with attractiveness. Dr. Yagoda believes that beauty cannot be defined by one set of standards. She believes that there is no one ideal.  Ethnicity is important and its preservation is paramount.  While Dr. Yagoda certainly appreciates the effect of a strong well-defined jaw; and a perfectly proportioned nose, she also recognizes the distractions of poor skin tone and quality; dull, lifeless hair; and ill-kept nails. In fact, Dr. Yagoda strongly believes that external beauty is a reflection of inner health and wellness and that good genes are as important as good lifestyle practices. What do you think?

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow!

Had enough bad weather? Want to finally hear that “the sun will come out…tomorrow”?

Hear it first-hand from our friend, Lilla Crawford, as she stars in the Broadway revival of Annie. Ben Brantley of the New York Times called Ms. Crawford “pretty close to perfect in this title role.” If you or someone you know is a professional voice user, count on Dr. Yagoda to keep your voice healthy and strong!