Can Herbal Remedies Be Safely Used During Pregnancy?


Medical Miracle! Ginger has been proven to be safe in pregnant women as a natural cure for morning sickness. During pregnancy, many women concerned about side effects of traditional medicines look for alternatives. Women may be surprised to learn that most herbal remedy options provide promised benefits, and even worse, can cause danger. However, a recent study revealed that ginger was the only herbal remedy tested to be consistently effective and safe.

Dr. Yagoda recognizes the healing properties of both traditional medicine and alternative therapies. She understands that holistic and natural therapies can often be as effective as conventional Western options such as surgery or prescription medication, with the added benefit of lowered risk and fewer side effects.

Face the Facts: 5 Healthiest States to Live In

While Americans are dying less from cancer and heart-related conditions, more are now affected by obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and sedentary living. According to a report from the United Health Foundation and American Public Health Association, 26.2% lead sedentary lifestyles, 30.8% have hypertension, 27.8% of Americans are obese and 9.5% have diabetes. These are the 5 healthiest states to live in (with the lowest rates of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and sedentary living):

1. Hawaii
2. Vermont
3. Massachusetts
4. Connecticut
5. Utah

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Young, healthy people don’t need to be vaccinated because the flu is only dangerous for infants and the elderly.


Myth! Many people think that if you are young and healthy, it’s unnecessary to get a flu vaccine. However, this could not be farther from the truth. The flu is a viral disease that could send even the healthiest person to the hospital, so you may want to get your vaccine if you haven’t done so already! Even if you are at a lower risk of suffering flu complications, a vaccine may not only protect you, but also may protect the people around you from getting sick.

As an otolaryngologist, Dr. Yagoda offers her patients comprehensive diagnosis for all ear, nose, and throat conditions and provides an integrative treatment plan incorporating everything from natural and alternative remedies, lifestyle changes, dietary and nutritional support, to injectables, lasers and surgery.  She can help you decide if a flu vaccine is right for you.

Lying Raises Our Nose Temperature


Many of you have heard the tale of Pinocchio, the wooden boy who nose grew longer and longer every time he told a lie. But have you heard of the “Pinocchio effect?”

Interestingly, a recent study has shown that our noses can give us away when we are lying. What you witness in a liar’s nose may be described a modern day medical miracle!

When examining the relationship between our mental state and body temperature, researchers found that a person’s nose will warm up when he or she tells a lie. With a technique called thermography, scientists used specially adapted cameras to detect infrared radiation, which produced images of objects based on heat signature. Researchers concluded that if a person misrepresents his true feelings – by telling a lie, for example– the temperature around his nose goes up. Heat causes engorgement or growth. How long after Gepetto’s discovery about Pinocchio’s nose did it take researchers to uncover the “Pinocchio effect?” Hmmm…

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Turn Off the Noise

As many as one in five people suffer from tinnitus, the sensation of a noise, often high-pitched.  While for some lucky ones it may be fleeting, for others the ringing can be so loud and constant that it can interfere with concentration, daily routines and sleep.

To add to the naturally effective treatments with lipoflavinoids and sound making, researchers have recently identified a psychology-based approach that has proven to provide relief for some tinnitus sufferers.  This treatment is “simple, relatively brief and does not require the purchase or use of devices….”

If you or someone you know suffers from tinnitus, make an appointment with Dr. Yagoda at her New York ENT office to diagnose the cause with a hearing evaluation, physical exam, hearing test, and if need be an imaging study.  Once she identifies the cause of your tinnitus, Dr. Yagoda can offer a comprehensive treatment plan including supplements, lifestyle changes, alternative therapies, and medications, if necessary.

3 Last Minute Holiday Beauty Treats You Deserve during Your Lunch Hour!

If you are like most people, your holiday social calendar is filled with parties, fundraisers, work events and family gatherings. While some people have taken the time to prepare ahead to dazzle friends, families and colleagues, many of us find ourselves wondering if there is anything we can to in the eleventh hour to stop the clock and turn back the hands of time?  If you work hard at a paying (or non-paying!) job, and want a quick, easy and affordable way to look better for the holidays, here’s what you deserve during your lunch hour:

1.  If holiday photos always seem to capture that dreaded bump on your nose, then ask Dr. Yagoda to make immediate, natural and noticeable changes with a non-surgical rhinoplasty.  This time and cost efficient fix will give you a straighter, more balanced and refined nose. Dr. Yagoda uses injectable fillers to camouflage depressions, eliminate bumps, and even change the appearance of the tip and nostrils—all in a quick office procedure that doesn’t require general anesthesia, bandages, or recovery time.  In addition to looking great, you get to “try on” the results before committing to a permanent surgical result!

2.  If people tell you that you look angry, tired or worried, when you are content and well-rested, it’s time for a treatment with Dysport. This Botox competitor erases crows’ feet, angry lines and worry lines in as early as 24 hours!  Look refreshed and stress-free faster even before you sip that Margarita, under a palm tree in St. Lucia.

3. Gray may be the new navy or the new black, but it is never the new skin color to covet!  If your skin is looking gray and sallow, restore the radiance, and get glowing, clear and tighter skin with a peel.  With no downtime and no pain, this treatment is a must for anyone who wants to wear winter white!

Love the way you look this holiday season and at the same time take comfort in knowing that annoying aunt Sally and your sister-in-law Karen won’t have anything to criticize.  You’ll see the loving grin in your father ‘s eyes when he is equally smitten by your brains and your beauty.  And, who know?  Maybe this time, your boss will pay closer attention when you ask for the raise you deserve!  Happy Holiday!  Enjoy the power of beauty!