NY Mets Pitcher Jon Niese Gets a New Nose

NY Mets Pitcher Jon Niese Gets a New NoseWorking out and breathing has become easier for NY Mets pitcher Jon Niese after his recent nose surgery. Functional rhinoplasties are very common and they offer a world of difference.

Difficulty breathing can also cause snoring and sleep apnea and interrupt a good night’s sleep.

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Young Women: Vocal Trendsetters

Young Women: Vocal Trendsettershe New York Times pointed out in a recent article that young women often get teased due to their vocal affectations–but actually, they may be using these techniques (such as vocal fry and “uptalk”) in more sophisticated ways than we think.

As the article quotes, “The truth is this: Young women take linguistic features and use them as power tools for building relationships.”

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The importance of going to a licensed MD

In Vancouver, recent reports show that people are still receivingThe importance of going to a licensed MD Botox injections from individuals without medical licenses!

Don’t let this happen to you. Make sure you know your doctor’s credentials and that he/she is expert in the procedure.

Dr. Yagoda is trained in both Facial Plastic Surgery and Otolaryngology, and offers safe and effective Botox® treatments, as well as Dysport® and Xeomin®.

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Singing Competitions: Which is your favorite?

Singing Competitions: Which is your favoriteHave you seen the new episodes of “The Voice” which began airing after the Super Bowl?

Singing competitions are all over American television and The Voice and American Idol are head to head with tv ratings.

Who will come out on top? Which is your favorite?

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Allure named LaVIV™ a “Best of Beauty” Breakthrough 2011

Allure Magazine has named LaVIV™ one of 2011s “Best of Beauty” Breakthroughs. Allure named LaVIV™ a

It is an all natural injectable filler that uses absolutely no synthetic materials- it simply amps up your own collagen producing cells to get you the natural results you desire.  LaVIV™ removes lines and wrinkles and restores volume to your face.

Call the office today to find out if LaVIV™is right for you: 212.434.1210

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Cures for Snoring

Cures for SnoringSometimes there is an easy fix to cure snoring, other times there is not.

If after you try home remedies for snoring and you are not better, call my office at 212. 434. 1210 to arrange for an evaluation and treatment plan.

Don’t you deserve to feel well-rested and refreshed?

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Rhinoplasty or “nose job” surgery makes you look younger

perfect faceMany people say a rhinoplasty procedure or nose job surgery will make you look younger and it’s true!

In a recent survey, some people thought the patient in the after photos looked one and a half years younger than they actually were.

The aging nose is interesting and it says a lot about the rest of your face.

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42% of plastic surgery patients ask info through Social Media sites

StyleFinalWoodLinesAn article from US News Health reports that 42% of plastic surgery patients received information and advice from social networking sites, instead of from their personal friends.

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You too can sing like Adele!

Check out this amazing rendition of Adele’s hit song “Rolling in the Deep,” sung by a very talented 11-year-old girl. She really gives Adele (who won 6 Grammys last Sunday) a run for her money!

If you’re a professional or aspiring singer, make sure to turn to Dr. Yagoda for your voice care — and this could be you someday!

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