Really? A 3-D Printer Can Make an Ear?

Bioengineers and physicians at New York Presbyterian, formerly Cornell University Medical Center, have successfully used a 3-D printer with injectable gels made of living cells to create an artificial ear that looks like a human ear. Now that’s a win-win for medicine and science!

For people who were born without an ear (atresia), people born with a partial ear (microtia) and people who lost part or all of an ear from trauma or cancer, surgeons have long been using implants and grafts to reconstruct the ear. This 3-D artificial ear, made from living cells, is a major advance in that the reconstruction is likely to be more symmetric, more realistic and less likely to be rejected. Doctors and researchers predict that the first human implant of an artificial ear created by a 3-D printer may occur in as little as 3 years!

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Should the “Eat at Your Own Risk of Addiction and Obesity” Attitude Still Prevail with Junk Food?

Junk food is undoubtedly linked to childhood obesity, yet big corporations market to children who are least aware of and least able to control the components of a healthy diet.  These children, are most susceptible to junk food addiction and its inherent medical risks.

Because we are in the midst of an increasing worldwide obesity health epidemic, and decreasing available funds for healthcare spending, some suggest that the government step in to regulate the junk food industry.   Should major companies should be required to stop advertising to children and to place warning labels on junk food, similar to the regulations imposed in the tobacco industry?  Or, should the “buyer beware/eat at your own risk” attitude still prevail?  What do you think?  We want to know!

Did you know…a healthy diet likely promotes restful sleep?

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Want to increase your odds of a peaceful slumber? According to a recent study, the food you eat is linked to how well you sleep.

Researchers found that poor sleep affects the hormones that control hunger and appetite, which can lead to unhealthy food choices. Interestingly, the people who slept 7-8 hours each night ate the largest variety of food and nutrients, and the people who slept 6 hours or less consumed the lowest variety of food and nutrients. So the next time you go grocery store, you may want to consider adding “super foods” to your shopping cart.

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Common Beauty Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction

Where do you get your beauty tips?  From your mother?  Your sister?  Your friends?  How do you decipher fact from fiction?  Even if you resort to beauty magazines and blogs, it can be difficult to separate science from superstition!  Short of asking your doctor (which can be embarrassing!), how do you know if applying mayonnaise to your hair will make it glossier? Or, if rubbing your eyes will really create wrinkles? Read this article to learn about 18 commonly held beauty beliefs and discover which tips are bona fide when it comes to looking beautiful.

Dr. Yagoda practices an integrative approach to beauty because she knows that external beauty is a reflection of health and wellness.  Find out how to incorporate mind and body healing to supplement traditional aesthetic techniques to allow your inner beauty to shine through.

Exercising the Mind Can Improve Well-Being

Eating a healthy diet and challenging your body on a daily basis certainly can improve the way you look and feel. But did you know that exercising your brain can also improve your well-being?

According to a recent study, mental training can stimulate changes not only in brain functioning, but also in the structure of the brain itself. Researchers found that people who think positive thoughts secrete hormones that help the body heal faster and function better. And, people who challenge their memory and expand their intellectual horizons, gain increased brain matter and better physical and mental function.

The Latest Trend in Plastic Surgery: Kate Middleton’s Nose

As you can see on countless magazine covers, Kate Middleton is a well-known trendsetter in the fashion and beauty world. Everything she wears seems to sell out immediately-a phenomenon called the “Kate Effect.” But to what extent will people go to emulate the Duchess of Cambridge? According to data from one of England’s top cosmetic surgery centers, an increasing number of women are getting surgery to replicate Kate’s nose, becoming the most popular celebrity look-alike feature. Requests for her nose have tripled in the past two years. One can only guess what trend she will inspire next!

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The Truth About Obesity Myths Exposed

Ever wonder if having sex burns a lot of calories? How about if snacking during the day is good or bad? Is losing a lot of weight quickly, worse than losing a little slowly over the long term? After looking into the common assumptions about obesity, researchers were able to differentiate fact from fiction. Read this article to learn more; a few of these might surprise you…And keep in mind that when you eat may be more important than what you eat.

Dr. Yagoda recognizes that the lifestyle that you lead contributes significantly to maintaining a healthy and beautiful body and mind. As part of her overall health philosophy, she encourages her patients to take care of themselves physically, mentally and emotionally through dietary and lifestyle changes, natural, alternative and medical remedies, laser, injectables and surgery.

Bad Beauty Habits: The 7 You Need to Break

When it comes to beauty routines, who doesn’t have a bad habit? Unfortunately, some of these habits can cause more harm than good. Take a look at these 7 bad beauty habits; chances are that you’re familiar with one or more on the list. After making a few simple lifestyle changes, your hair and skin won’t know how to thank you!

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