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The Genetics of a “Gummy Smile”

The Genetics of a “Gummy Smile”

When you smile, do you see just your teeth, your teeth and a little gum, or mostly gum? If it is the latter, you can thank your genetics! Many people find themselves bothered by a “gummy smile.” Often due to small teeth, a short upper lip, or excessive gum tissue, there is a way to correct the proportions.

Surgery, called a gingivectomy, used to be the most common corrective treatment. Although effective, it can be costly and painful. Now, many plastic surgeons use Botox! By injecting Botox into the upper lip to paralyze the muscles — and prevent them from rising so high — gummy smiles become just smiles.

Dr. Michelle Yagoda has over twenty years experience working with gummy smiles, and the results are always gorgeous and natural!

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