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Can a rhinoplasty procedure lift the tip of my nose?

nose jobs in New York CityASK DOCTOR YAGODA

Question: The tip of my nose slants downwards. I’m a 55-year-old male, can a rhinoplasty or nose job surgery lift it or will it just keep growing down regardless?

Answer: Without photos or an examination, it is impossible to determine the cause of the tip droop.  Sometimes it can be the result of a high septum and a dorsal bump. Other times, it can be the result of overactive muscles found between the upper lip and nose.  Once the proper diagnosis is made, plastic surgery can definitively correct the problem.

How long does rhinoplasty or nose job surgery take to complete?

how long does a nose job take in New York CityASK DOCTOR YAGODA

Question: How long does the surgery for a rhinoplasty or nose job take? I’m a 45-year-old male living in Long Island and I’d rather not take off of work if I do not need to.

Answer: Depending on the complexity of the rhinoplasty procedure or nose job, and whether there is a functional component to the plastic surgery, the operating time itself can range from just under an hour to close to three hours.  All patients go home the very same day. I usually recommend that patients take a week off from work to recover.  Some patients return to work after five days but this is more the exception, rather than the rule.  It takes about five days for the anesthesia to leave your system after the cosmetic surgery procedure.  During that time, you may be more tired than usual. Your body clock and sleep cycle may be off. Your appetite may be decreased, just when you need the increased calories for rapid recovery. To play it safe, I recommend at least one week off from work.

Too young or too old for rhinoplasty (nose job)?


Dr. Michell Yagoda performs nose jobs in New York CityQuestion: At what age is too young or too old to get a rhinoplasty or nose job surgery? I’m 55 but I’m also asking for my daughter who still attends high school in New York City.

Answer: It is important that any teen considering rhinoplasty surgery has already completely gone through puberty.  This is because the nose doesn’t reach its full adult size until after puberty.  Plastic surgery prior to that stage will likely arrest the development of the nose and result in a nose that it too short or too small to be in harmony with the rest of the face.  In addition, it may result in incomplete development of sinus drainage and airflow pathways, causing functional impairment.  For adults, there is not a strict age limit, but unless they have had a recent nasal trauma that has changed the position and/or shape of the nose, I urge them to be wary of rhinoplasty! Most people are subconsciously attached to their nose and it is a defining part of their self image.  For this reason, I usually counsel people over 28 years of age against this plastic surgery procedure unless they had a recent trauma with a change in the shape and/or position of the nose; or if they always wanted a rhinoplasty but couldn’t afford it until now!  In NYC, most of the rhinoplasties I perform are on men and women between the ages of 17 and 26; men aged 38-52 who have been injured in a sports-related injury; and women of all ages who have had a traumatic fall or taxi accident.

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Can a nose job or rhinoplasty look subtle and natural?


Question: I’m 32, female, and I live in New York City. I’d like a rhinoplasty procedure but I’m somewhat of a celebrity on Broadway. Is it possible to get a nose job that looks natural but is also subtle?

6Answer: As a facial plastic surgeon I take care of a number of celebrities in theater, film and radio in New York City and around the world, and I am often asked to perform subtle finesse celebrity rhinoplasty. Many times this is in combination with functional nasal plastic surgery. High-definition film and television accentuate irregularities on celebrities that are otherwise blessed physically, and that nearly imperceptible in “real life”. Accordingly, the surgical changes must be natural, and perfect on high-definition view.  Recently, I performed a combined functional and cosmetic rhinoplasty on a television anchor person, and she was back “on-air” five days later.  Her co-workers never suspected that she had a rhinoplasty.  In fact, they guessed that she had a breast augmentation because of the new “push-up” bra she was wearing!!

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Can a rhinoplasty or nose job surgery make my nose bigger?


Question: I’m a 30-year-old Hispanic male and my nose is too small for my face; can a nose job or rhinoplasty make my nose bigger?

4Answer: Absolutely!  If your nose doesn’t have enough height and/or projection, an implant can be used in an open rhinoplasty procedure to make the nose stronger and more masculine.  I typically use Medpor, a synthetic micro-mesh made from the same material that is used for joint replacements.  It allows your body’s own tissues to integrate with it, which makes it more stable.  If your nose is too short (in the space defined between the top of your lip and the bridge of the nose), grafts can be used to lengthen your nose.  Implants are usually synthetic and grafts typically come from cartilage, skin and/or muscle from your own body.

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Doctor prescribed: 20 minutes of exercise a day

Gretchen Reynolds, health and fitness writer for the New York 3Times, discusses the many health benefits of moving around for just 20 minutes per day.

She says, “the science shows that if you just do anything, even stand in place 20 minutes, you will be healthier” than if you sit for many hours on end.

Read more about her findings and her new book, called “The First 20 Minutes.”

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Sleep is more important than you think…

Sleep is more important than you thinkA good night’s sleep should not be taken for granted. A recent article states that Forty million people in America suffer from chronic sleep problems that not only affect your mood but also your heart and your overall well-being. You deserve to feel well-rested.

Ask Dr. Yagoda for advice on sleep disorders, snoring and apnea.

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Questions from our readers: Eye Q&A


Karen B asks:  I am 49 years old and thinking about eyelift surgery, but none of my friends have had it yet and I am afraid. Can you tell me how much pain I should expect and how much time off I will Portrait of attractive woman smiling with finger on lip against white backgroundneed?  Also, can I combine my surgery with my beach vacation during the recovery period?

Answer:   Good news, Karen…eyelift surgery for droopy upper lids is one of the easiest cosmetic surgeries to recover from because it is virtually painless!  Numbness from surgery lasts long after the anesthetic wears off.  In fact, it takes about three weeks for the skin’s sensory nerves to regain feeling.   So, aside from eyelid heaviness (from swelling), you shouldn’t be at all uncomfortable. But, even though you may feel great, and even though you may be raring to go, you have just had surgery.  You need to take some time off to heal — five-to-seven days to be exact.  During this time, you can shop, dine, and walk to your heart’s content, albeit with some restrictions.  No carrying a heavy purse while shopping, and no lifting purchases weighing more than ten pounds.  You can choose any food on the menu, but no alcohol!  And, you can walk for as far and as long as you desire, but no matter how great you feel, you shouldn’t gather your swimsuit or boarding pass.  No flying because changes in air pressure can cause bleeding and delay healing, and no beach because the sun can permanently darken the incision line.

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