Can a rhinoplasty reshape my nose only slightly?

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Question: I’m Asian and my nose is spread wide on my face and it is short. Can a rhinoplasty reshape my nose slightly without making me look American?

Answer: I am strongly committed to preserving and enhancing one’s identity, while maintaining ethnicity.  Nostrils can be made smaller with an alar base reduction and the nose can be subtly made more prominent with an implant.

Celebrity Look-alikes

It may come as no surprise that when considering nasal cosmetic 1surgery, many people request to have a nose like Natalie Portman’s.  After all, we know how strong the desire is to look like celebrities.  It is a common lay aspiration.  But did you know that it’s not only plain folk that want celebrity features?  That’s right!

Pictured here is Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry, both beautiful and striking with such a close resemblance. Take a look at how much these pairs of celebs resemble each other, here.

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How drastically will a rhinoplasty or nose job surgery change my look?

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Question: How drastically will a rhinoplasty procedure change my look? I’m a 38-year-old man and I just got promoted to Vice President. I don’t want people to notice but I’d like to finally make a change.

Answer: I suggest subtle refinements for anyone older than 28 who is contemplating rhinoplasty!  It’s hard to imagine how attached you really are to your nose until you see the first signs of change after you have plastic surgery.  For that reason, I will address options that address your concerns, minimize distracting features, enhance positive ones and maintain your ethnicity when you visit my New York City office.

Happy Belated Birthday Bar Refaeli, Tori Praver, Angelina Jolie!

Astrology followers, take note!  Mercury rules and it is the planet of youth (and dare we say, beauty).  Still need convincing?  Then consider this beauty trifecta and join us in wishing a happy belated birthday to supermodel, Bar Refaeli (1985); Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, Tori Praver; and silver screen goddess, Angelina Jolie (1975).


I have a history of bad scars, am I still a candidate for rhinoplasty?

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Question: I’m a 35-year-old Black female with a history of bad scars. Will I still be a candidate for rhinoplasty or nose job surgery?

Answer: Yes. The good news is that the face usually heals better than any other location! In addition, many cosmetic rhinoplasty procedures can be performed by a plastic surgeon with no external scar at all.  Lastly, many new techniques can be used to reduce the likelihood of scar formation after surgery.  Bottom line?  You should be fine!

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Dangers of listening to loud music

Chris Martin from Coldplay has revealed that years of playing live has left him with tinnitus! Dr. Yagoda can help treat your tinnitus but it is important to also know how to prevent it.

When there is loud noise, use moulded filter plugs or simple earplugs. Chris Martin has been active for campaigns like Action On Hearing Loss about the potential dangers of listening to loud music. Rapper and Actor Plan B also reports symptoms of tinnitus.

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Can my nose look like this picture?

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Question: Can a rhinoplasty or nose job surgery make my nose look like the model’s nose in this magazine ad?

Answer: That depends on how many similarities you have with the model you have selected.  Each feature on your face indirectly impacts the other structures.  For example, if you desire a cosmetic procedure that will reduce a large bump on the nose, that may transform eyes that looked close together and make them appear more normally spaced.  In fact, the eyes haven’t changed position at all.  If you have similar facial structures, and your skin is similar, results may be imitated by a skilled plastic surgeon.  It is not possible to look exactly the same, but there may be a resemblance.